Admission Open 2024-25


18 to 24 Months

Batch Start From


Pre-Entry Requirement

Applicants must be at least 18 years old.
Passed 10+2 with physics and math.
Having a valid Indian passport.
A valid DGCA Class I Medical Certificate.
Course Overview

Air Arabia
Cadet Pilot Programme

The Air Arabia Cadet Pilot Program helps people who want to become airline pilots. It's made to find and train pilots who meet the safety rules set by the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). This program works with Emirates Aviation College, a top aviation school in the UAE, to give students a complete training package covering theory and practice.
There are four parts to the program:
1.Basic Flight Training: Teaches the basics of flying, including how aircraft work, navigation, and safety. After this, students can apply for a Private Pilot License (PPL) approved by the UAE GCAA.
2. Advanced Flight Training: For students with a PPL who want to improve their skills. Covers instrument flying, navigation, and other advanced topics. After this, students can apply for a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) approved by the UAE GCAA.

3. Instrument Rating: Teaches flying in tough weather conditions using instruments. Covers similar topics as advanced flight training. After this, students can apply for an Instrument Rating (IR) approved by the UAE GCAA.
4. Commercial Pilot License: Teaches how to safely fly an aircraft for commercial purposes. Covers aircraft operation, navigation, and other essential topics. After this, students can apply for a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) approved by the UAE GCAA. The Air Arabia Cadet Pilot Program is a great chance for people who dream of being pilots. It gives them the training they need to fly professionally and start a career in aviation.
At Top Crew Aviation, we are excited to tell you all about the Air Arabia Cadet Program Classes. It is like a super fun course that helps you become a pilot with Air Arabia Airlines. Whether you are totally new to flying or you just love planes and want to be a commercial pilot, this cadet pilot program is perfect for you. We have made it super easy for anyone to join and start their journey to becoming a commercial pilot.
The Air Arabia Cadet Program is your chance to make your dreams of flying come true. With fun learning, great instructors, and the promise of an exciting aviation career, it's the perfect way to start your journey into the world of aviation.


Air Arabia Cadet Pilot Program Selection Process

The selection process for the Air Arabia Cadet Pilot Program is made to identify candidates eligibility to succeed as professional pilots. Air Arabia Cadet Pilot selection process usually includes the following stages:

Online Application:

Candidates have to submit online application, providing their details about educational background.

Applications Screening:

The initial screening involves reviewing applications to ensure candidates meet the training program basic eligibility requirements, such as age, educational qualifications, and medical fitness.

Aptitude Tests:

Candidates have to undergo aptitude tests designed to assess their abilities, awareness, problem-solving skills, and multitasking skills. These tests help identify candidates with the aptitude for this pilot training course.

Psychometric Assessments:

This cadet pilot program includes psychometric test to check candidate personality, decision-making abilities, and compatibility with the demands of a career as a pilot.

Group discussion:

Candidates have to participate in group discussion or simulations to assess their teamwork, leadership qualities, and ability to make decision in high pressure situations.

Flight Simulator Test:

Candidates will have to undergo assessments in flight simulators to check their ability to handle simulated flight situations, aircraft controls, and decision-making under pressure situations.


After above stages, shortlisted candidates may be invited for interview. This allows selectors to check candidate communication skills, motivation, and suitability for the cadet pilot program.

Final Selection:

After all the stages results and interview, the final selection of student will be made. Successful candidates are offered LOI of the Cadet Pilot Program.

Why Choose Top Crew Aviation’s Cadet Pilot Preparatory Classes?

  • Excellent training facilities with advanced classrooms and simulator.
  • Expert guidance from experienced airline pilots with more than 16 years of flying experience.
  • Personalized one-to-one instruction and guidance for both online and offline students ensuring individual attention.
  • A proven track record of 100% course completion for all our students.
  • Comprehensive cadet pilot programs covering written examination, interview and group decision, psychometry test, software training, and other required training.
  • More than 2800 satisfied candidates have benefited from our career guidance and training.
  • Continuous tests and assessments and progress tracking to optimize your learning outcomes.
  • Opportunities to make connections with aviation industry professionals and explore future career opportunities.
  • Over 500 cadets have successfully employed in the airline industry.
  • One-time fees till the time you do not clear your cadet pilot exams. Hostel/PG facilities for boys and girls including meals.
  • Weekly activities like group discussions, personality development sessions, communication improvement sessions, sports activities, get together of aviation professionals etc.
  • Other support services like DGCA medicals, DGCA computer number, eGCA Support etc. 100% student satisfaction is our priority.
  • Our aim is to clear your Cadet Pilot Program entrance exam through India’s best Cadet Pilot Program Classes. We have a proven course structure & strategy to pass Cadet Pilot exams.
  • Best level of training is provided by exceptional instructors who guide you through all stages of the cadet pilot program in the classroom. Most of the instructors are airline captains who share their past events and experiences.
  • Our highly trained and committed staff ensures that the environment and content of our cadet pilot courses exceed the expectations of our students.
  • Specially designed best Cadet Pilot Program Preparatory Classes in the best possible small batches for candidates without flying experience.
  • Our prime responsibility is to create a vibrant aviation community around you, so we want you to enjoy your time at the academy and make the most of every minute.
  • Our instructors do not only focus on knowledge but also on building the skills, and attitude of the students including all phases of the ground training as a strategy to fulfil their dreams as airline pilots.
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