Admission Open 2024-25


4 Months

Batch Start From

10 JUNE 2024

Pre-Entry Requirement

Completed 10+2, with Physics and Mathematics.

Valid Class II Medical Assessment.

Course Overview

DGCA CPL Ground Classes

If you want to choose a career as a professional pilot, it is one of the most prestigious, exciting, and rewarding career choices. Top Crew Aviation can help you achieve that goal with a specially designed commercial pilot training program as per everyone's needs. To obtain a commercial pilot license, you need good DGCA CPL ground classes to clear your exams in one go.

We guide aspiring pilots on how to become commercial pilots, offering a structured curriculum that emphasizes not just exam success but also a deep understanding of DGCA ground subjects. Students learn much more effectively from our experienced instructors who provide live examples throughout the course. You will find this training to be extremely helpful during your Flight Training. During regular performance evaluations, we work on student's weak areas, so that they can convert those weaknesses into "strengths."

The perfect launchpad course made by Capt. P KUMAR, who has 16 years of rich experience in aviation.

"The sky is not the limit, it's just the beginning."

Subjects For DGCA CPL Ground Classes

Subjects Duration
Air Navigation 45
Aviation Meteorology 30
Air Regulation 30
Technical General 45
Technical Specific 15
Radio Telephony Restricted RTR (A) 40

Subjects in DGCA CPL Ground Classes

The best way to prepare for the Commercial Pilot License training is to start your ground classes for all subjects such as Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology, Air Regulation, Technical General, Technical Specific and RTR(A) to become a successful Commercial Pilot. The syllabus for these subjects are as below:-

Air Navigation

  • Using aeronautical charts, navigational aids, and tools.
  • Understanding the principles and characteristics of appropriate navigation systems.
  • Operate aerial equipment.
  • Understand the reality of air navigation and death calculation.
  • Practical air navigation using radio navigation aids.
  • Use, accuracy, and reliability of navigation systems used in the departure.
  • Approach and landing phases of a flight path.
  • Identification of radio navigation aids and more.

Aviation Meteorology

  • An Interpretation and Application of Aeronautical Weather Bulletins
  • Charts, Forecasts, and Weather Information Collection
  • Aeronautical Meteorology
  • The climate of the relevant areas for factors affecting aviation.
  • The movement of barometric systems.
  • The structure of the front, and the origin and characteristics of important weather phenomena affecting the conditions of take-off.
  • Flight Path and Landing
  • Avoid hazardous weather conditions and more

Air Regulation

  • Aircraft Act, 1934.
  • Aircraft Rules, 1937.
  • Rules of the air.
  • Appropriate air traffic services practices, procedures, and more.

Technical General

  • Theory of Flight
  • Airframe and Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Power Plant
  • Emergency Equipment
  • Subsonic Aerodynamics
  • Transonic Aerodynamics
  • Stability and more

Technical Specific

  • Cessna 152
  • Cessna 172
  • Cessna 172 R
  • Diamond DA 40
  • Diamond DA 42
  • Tecnam
  • P68 C (Vulcanair)

Radio Telephony Restricted RTR (A)

  • Part I – Transmission
  • Part II – Theory
  • RTR (A) Exam is conducted by WPC every 2 months.
  • Professional Training includes 60 hrs of Instruction.

Let us help you to give a good start in Aviation with our experts.

We at Top Crew Aviation not only provide you with the best solution for CPL ground classes but also guide you for everything which is required to become a Commercial Pilot all together.

What Top Crew provides in DGCA CPL Ground Classes

  • One-time fees till the time you do not clear your DGCA exams.
  • Hostel/PG facilities for boys and girls including meals. 
  • Weekly activities like group discussions, personality development sessions, communication improvement sessions, sports activities, get-togethers of aviation professionals, etc.
  • Offline/Online DGCA Ground Classes. (Classes at the comfort of your own home) State-of-the-art facilities including study and discussion rooms at the academy.
  • Other support services like DGCA medicals, DGCA computer number, eGCA Support, etc. 100% student satisfaction is our priority.
  • Student progress monitoring and support throughout your aviation journey. Concentration enhancement tips to optimize student performance.
  • Daily homework for revision and practice and weekly subject-wise online tests as per DGCA standards.
  • Our aim is to clear your DGCA exams in the very first attempt through India's best DGCA Ground Classes. We have a proven course structure & strategy to pass DGCA examinations on the first attempt.
  • All printed study materials & notes are provided with enrollment. (CX-3 & scientific calculator excluded) Subject-wise DGCA exams question bank will be provided along with notes.
  • Best level of training is provided by exceptional instructors who guide you through all stages of the CPL course in the classroom. Most of the Instructors are airline captains who share their past events and experiences.
  • We do not teach only to clear your DGCA exam we teach the way so that you can teach others. Concepts are explained in detail by our experienced instructors. We try to explain with a Pictorial Presentation for better understanding and memory-aiding concepts.
  • Recorded lectures along with regular classes, to access the same class at any time whenever you miss any class or you want to reattend the classes.
  • Revision and doubt session before appearing in DGCA exams. The best level of training with professional & personal attention to each student.
  • Our highly trained and committed staff ensures that the environment and content of our courses exceed the expectations of our students, whether you are an airline cadet or a CPL holder student we have the course for you.
  • Specially designed best CPL Ground Classes in the best possible small batches for candidates without flying experience. Our motive is not just to provide ground training to the candidates but also to create well-trained pilots.
  • The best training is provided by an industry expert trainer who has more than 10+ years of rich experience in his field.
  • Our prime responsibility is to create a vibrant aviation community around you, so we want you to enjoy your time at the academy and make the most of every minute.
  • Our instructors do not only focus on knowledge but also on building the skills and attitude of the students, including all phases of the ground training as a strategy to fulfill their dreams as airline Pilots.
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Benefit from lifetime career guidance, ensuring continuous support and advice as you need it in your aviation journey.

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Learn from experienced instructors who bring years of expertise to guide and mentor you through your pilot training.

Hostel Facility

For our offline students, we offer comfortable hostel/PG accommodations with meals included. Focus on your studies without worrying about living arrangements.

Customized Uniform

Our student pilots receive personalized uniforms tailored to their needs and preferences. Look and feel your best as you soar towards your aviation career goals with us.

Loan Facility

We assist student pilots in getting loans for their training, making it easier to pursue their dreams in aviation.

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Access the most up-to-date study materials, with the latest updates to success in your aviation journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions About DGCA CPL Ground Classes

Is accommodation easily accessible for the duration of the course?

Yes, we provide hostel and PG’s to our students. Weather you may choose our accommodation or you may find out any other accommodation as well as per your preferences, as there are a lot of options available.

How many months does it take to clear DGCA exams?

Well, it’s completely depending on individual performance. An average student can clear all the DGCA exams in 6 months.

Will Top Crew Aviation have a proposal for the scholarship?

Yes, we provide scholarships to our students for their flight training. You can earn up to 10 lakhs as scholarship from Top Crew Aviation.

Are DGCA exams to be given before joining a flying school (like an entrance exam) or after completing training at the flying school?

You can start your flight training before clearing DGCA exams but we do not recommend to do it. It is always good idea to clear your DGCA exams first then start flight training for CPL.

Are the DGCA exams tough?

DGCA exams are not tough but you will have to study well to clear these pilot exams in first attempt. A good ground school can make a big difference. You do not have to worry about the toughness of these exams, Top Crew Aviation is here to make it easy for you.

Which are the best online classes for CPL preparation for the DGCA exams?

Top Crew Aviation’s online classes is the best classes in India to clear your DGCA exams. TCA also provide different batches for working professionals as per their availability. You will also get online recorded session to cover CPL syllabus as per your pace and preference.

How can a middle-class person go through a CPL (commercial pilot license) course?

A middle-class student should go for DGCA exams preparation first and then try to get scholarships or loan to arrange funds for flight training.

If a student wants to do CPL in abroad, which papers are needed to clear in India?

If you want to do your CPL from abroad, you only need to clear 3 DGCA papers in India which is Air Navigation, Air Regulations and Aviation Meteorology.

I want to become a pilot but I am really weak in maths and science, will there be any challenges to clear DGCA CPL exams?

If you are from arts or commerce background and worried about DGCA CPL exams, you do not need to worry about anything because you just need basic math and physics to clear DGCA exams. So, you can become a pilot if you are week in physic and maths.

Which are the best DGCA ground classes?

Top Crew Aviation is the best DGCA ground school in India. TCA provides best training by industry expert trainers who has more than 10+ years of rich experience in his field. They also provide other support services as well apart from ground classes.