Admission Open 2024-25


10 to 12 Months

Batch Start From

10 June 2024

Pre-Entry Requirement

Completed 10+2, with Physics and Mathematics.

Valid Class I Medical Assessment.

Adequate competency in the English Language.

Minimum of 17 years on the date of joining.

Course Overview

Flight Training in India

If you have ever dreamed about flying, then you've probably thought about being a pilot. But what does it take to be one? From analytical thinking to making quick decisions, pilots need a variety of skills. Luckily, there are multiple aviation schools in India that can help you acquire these skills and accomplish your dream of flying.

If you want to choose a career as a professional pilot, it is one of the most prestigious, exciting, and rewarding career choices. Top Crew Aviation can help you achieve that goal with a specially designed commercial pilot training program as per your needs.

Flight training has become very popular in India, with lots of flight schools and flying clubs offering programs for people who want to be pilots. India has lots of different types of landscapes, like coasts and mountains, so trainee pilots can learn to fly in various conditions. The flight training in India is strict, and the instructors are very experienced, which makes it a great country to learn how to fly.

This program (flying training in India) is specially designed for candidates who have cleared their exams for the DGCA CPL Exams and completed ground studies and are looking forward to finishing the required flying hours for obtaining a Commercial Pilot License (CPL). The program can also be customized as per the requirements of the cadet pilot, in which they can choose to complete their training with a multi-engine endorsement & instrument rating or on single-engine aircraft only.

Advantages of flying training in India:

1. Geography: There are various landscapes in India, including coastlines, plains, deserts, and mountains. Trainee pilots can get exposure to different flying conditions and challenges.

2. International Training Standards: Flight training in India matches international standards, ensuring that trainee pilots can get comprehensive and high-quality training.

3. Highly Experienced Instructors: India is the hub of highly experienced instructors. They offer valuable guidance and instructions to aspiring pilots.

4. Rapidly Growing Industry: The aviation sector in India is experiencing significant growth, providing many opportunities for career and job prospects for pilots.

5. Cost-Effective Training: If we compare with other countries, flying training in India can be more cost-effective, making it a great option for student pilots seeking affordable and quality training in aviation.

Let us help you to give a good start in Aviation with our experts.

Types of Fleets:

1. Cessna 152:

The Cessna 152 is made in America. It is a trainee aircraft designed with 2 seats. It has a fixed tricycle gear, which makes it easy to handle on the ground. This plane is commonly used for flight training purposes and personal flying.

2. Cessna 172:

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is made by the Cessna Company. It is an American aircraft known for its four-seat capacity, single-engine design, and high wing configuration.

3. Tecnam P2006:

The Tecnam P2006 is a single-engine aircraft with 2 seats and a high wing design. It's a made-in-Italy aircraft.

4. Tecnam P2008:

The Tecnam P2008 is a two-seat aircraft with a single engine and a high wing design. It's a made-in-Italy aircraft.

5. Diamond DA 42:

The Diamond DA 42 is a four-seater trainee aircraft powered by two engines and driven by propellers. It's made in Austria but owned by a Chinese company.

What Top Crew provides in Flight Training in India

DGCA-approved CPL Training with multi-engine Engine Endorsement and Instrument Rating CPL (IR/ME) in India

  • 100 hours of solo on S.E. In total (PIC time)
  • This includes 50 hours of 100 NM Cross-Country Solo, inclusive of 300 NM Cross Country
  • 5 hours solo by night
  • 85 hours of dual
  • 20 hours of the instrument (actual)
  • 15 hours of M.E. Flying
  • 9 hours of day-flying (3 hours of IF)
  • 3 hours of night flying
  • 60 Minutes Night Check: PIC (U/S)
  • 60 Minutes Day Check: PIC (U/S)
  • 60 Minutes IR Check: PIC (U/S)
  • 10 hours on simulator flying on S.E. as well as on M.E.
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Top Crew Aviation?

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Benefit from lifetime career guidance, ensuring continuous support and advice as you need it in your aviation journey.

Experienced Instructors

Learn from experienced instructors who bring years of expertise to guide and mentor you through your pilot training.

Hostel Facility

For our offline students, we offer comfortable hostel/PG accommodations with meals included. Focus on your studies without worrying about living arrangements.

Customized Uniform

Our student pilots receive personalized uniforms tailored to their needs and preferences. Look and feel your best as you soar towards your aviation career goals with us.

Loan Facility

We assist student pilots in getting loans for their training, making it easier to pursue their dreams in aviation.

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Access the most up-to-date study materials, with the latest updates to success in your aviation journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Flight Training in India

Which is the best place for doing flying training, India or abroad?

For Indians, it's a better idea to do your training from India itself. It'll be cheaper and worth it. You may have to spend some extra time as we don’t have many training aircrafts but you will be at peace when it comes to clearing the DGCA papers. But if you go abroad, your flying will be quickly completed and you will get exposure but if you are planning to settle in India then you will have to go for conversion of your license.

When can I start my flight training?

You can start your flight training just after 10th and at the minimum age of 17 years. But this is not a good idea, first you should clear your DGCA exams before joining any flying school.

What do I need to get started my flight training to become a pilot?

You should clear your DGCA exams to start your flight training, so that you can have a good subject knowledge. It will help you in your flight training.

How long will it take to complete my flying training in India?

Well, it’s completely depending on individual performance and the flying school you choose. As per the current situation it will take around 12 months to complete your 200 hrs of flight training in India.

What are the loans options for flying training funding?

You can get bank loan from bank of Baroda, SBI, any private bank and NBFC`s to fund your flight training.

Are there any additional costs for flying training in India?

Yes, you may have to bear the cost of living including accommodation, foods and transportation.

How to select a flight school in India?

When selecting a flight school in India, it is very important to consider a few factors such as flight school facilities, quality of training, the instructors experience, the cost of the program, number of students, aircraft conditions, duration, and the safety record of the school.

What is the best way to know the quality of a flying school in India?

The best way to know the quality of a flight school in India is to thoroughly research about the school, read reviews from past students, and contact the school directly to ask questions about the program details and instructors.

Are there any flight school in India offering scholarships for pilot training?

Yes, some flight schools in India offer scholarships for pilot training. It is important to check with the school for scholarships and financial aid they offer.

What type of aircraft are used for pilot training in India?

The type of aircraft used for pilot training in India can vary depending on the flight school and the type of training program. The most commonly used aircrafts for pilot training in India is Cessna 172 and the Piper.