Admission Open 2024-25


60 Days

Batch Start From

10 JUNE 2024

Pre-Entry Requirement

Age should be 18 to 32 years. 

Education qualification should be 10+2.

Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate.

Must be of Indian nationality or an OCI cardholder.

Course Overview

Cadet Pilot Programs

You might be looking for information about the cadet pilot program. It is one of the routes to becoming an airline pilot is through a Cadet Pilot Program.

There are many types of cadet pilot programs supported in collaboration with several flight schools by large number of airlines. It is one of the routes to become an Airline Pilot. This type of Pilot Training program is offered by an organization together with an Airline. This results in employment opportunities following the completion of pilot training.

TCA wants to answer few questions to help you understand what a Cadet Pilot is and why it is required. The cooperation between an airline and a flight school is a cadet pilot program. It aims to ensure that pilots are trained as per airline requirements. Usually, the flight school that trains cadet pilots undergo a regular airline auditing phase where cadets start working after graduation. Top Crew Aviation is an outstanding pilot training academy for those looking to commence an aviation career. The academy offers high-quality instruction from exceptional instructors. These instructors guide you through all the stages of the Cadet Pilot Program Preparatory classes

Top Cadet Pilot Programs in India:

1. IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program

  • FTA Cadet Pilot Program
  • SkyBorne Cadet Pilot Program
  • Insight Cadet Pilot Program
  • CAA Cadet Pilot Program
  • CAE Cadet Pilot Program
  • L-3 Cadet Pilot Program

2. Spice Jet Cadet Pilot Program

3. Emirates Cadet Pilot Program

4. Air Arabia Cadet Pilot Program

5. Qatar Cadet Pilot Program

6. Air India Cadet Pilot Program

Selection Process:

The selection process includes 4 phases as listed below:

1. Registration/Application

You will have to apply for the selection process of cadet pilot program from their website and you will be asked to pay a registration fee and send our documents such as 12th class marksheet etc.

2. Suitability and Screening

Once you apply, your application gets checked by the Flight Training Organization. After some days you will get an email stating that you are eligible for the program or not. They check things like your education, documents, and medical condition to see if the you fit as per their requirements.

3. Written Proficiency Test and Aptitude

They test your language and verbal skills, how well you handle numbers and calculations, your handeye coordination, ability to do multitasking, understanding of special orientation, and how you solve complex problems.


PILAPT is a set of tests designed to check if someone has the right abilities to become a commercial pilot. Each test checks your different skill that's important for flight training and success in aviation.

5. Group Discussion

You'll need to go through discussions with a group of other candidates on a specific topic given by the selection panel. While you're talking, the Panel members will be watching and observing your activities like how you are doing

6. Personal Interview

You'll have an interview with the airline staff members either individually or as part of a panel. They'll ask you questions to get to know you better and assess your eligibility.

7. Results and LOI Signing

After all the above-mentioned test and stages, you will get to know about your selection result. If you get selected, next process is signing the LOI of the respective airline. You will have to sign contracts with airline and a Training agreement with our FTO as well.

Let us help you to give a good start in Aviation with our experts.

  • We at Top Crew Aviation not only provide you with the best solution for Airline Cadet Pilot Program but also guide you for everything which is required to become a Commercial Pilot all together. 
  • If you are preparing for the Cadet Pilot Entrance Exam, you should know It's a competitive test, but with the right approach, you can do well and get selected in any cadet pilot program. First of all, make sure you understand what's going to be on the exam by going through the syllabus carefully. Do your detailed research and study the topics thoroughly as per the syllabus.
  • Once you know what to expect in cadet pilot entrance exam, start studying. Prepare all the subjects and make good notes. Understanding the material is key, so don't rush through it.
  • Practice is also an important part. Try out a few practice exams online or with a teacher to get a feel for the types of questions you'll encounter. This will help you feel more comfortable and confident on the exam day.
  • Don't forget about the written and oral sections of the exam. Practice writing out answers and speaking aloud to prepare for these parts.

What Top Crew provides in Cadet Pilot Programs

  • One-time fees till the time you do not clear your cadet pilot exams. Hostel/PG facilities for boys and girls including meals.
  • Weekly activities like group discussions, personality development sessions, communication improvement sessions, sports activities, get-togethers of aviation professionals etc.
  • Offline/Online Cadet Pilot Program Classes. (Classes at the comfort of your own home) State-of-the-art facilities, including study and discussion rooms at the academy.
  • Other support services like DGCA medicals, DGCA computer number, eGCA Support etc. 100% student satisfaction is our top priority.
  • Student progress monitoring and support throughout your aviation journey. Concentration enhancement tips to optimize student performance.
  • Daily homework for revision and practice and weekly subject-wise online test as per airlines selection standards.
  • Our aim is to clear your Cadet Pilot Program entrance exam through India’s best Cadet Pilot Program Classes. We have a proven course structure & strategy to pass Cadet Pilot exams.
  • Best level of training is provided by exceptional instructors who guide you through all stages of the cadet pilot program in the classroom. Most of the Instructors are airline captains who share their past events and experiences.
  • The best level of training with professional & personal attention to each student.
  • Our highly trained and committed staff ensures that the environment and content of our cadet pilot courses exceed the expectations of our students.
  • Specially designed best Cadet Pilot Program Preparatory Classes in the best possible small batches for candidates without flying experience.
  • The best training is provided by our industry expert instructors, who have more than 10+ years of rich experience in the aviation field.
  • Our prime responsibility is to create a vibrant aviation community around you, so we want you to enjoy your time at the academy and make the most of every minute.
  • Our instructors do not only focus on knowledge but also on building the skills, and attitude of the students including all phases of the ground training as a strategy to fulfil their dreams as airline Pilots.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Cadet Pilot Programs

What qualifications do I need to apply for a cadet pilot program?

The usual qualifications required to apply for a cadet pilot program is 10+2 with physics and maths.

Is prior aviation experience necessary to join a cadet pilot program?

You do not require prior aviation experience to join the cadet pilot program, you just need to follow the selection process of the respective airline.

What type of training is required to become a cadet pilot?

Cadet pilot programs typically involve various stage including written exams, cass and compass test, Group discussion, interview, and other aptitude test as per airline selection process.

How long does it take to complete a cadet pilot program training?

The length of time it takes to complete a cadet pilot program can vary depending on the program and the individual’s performance. Generally, it takes around 18 to 20 months to complete the program.

What exams do I need to pass to become a cadet pilot?

Depending on the cadet pilot program, you will have to pass written exams to get selected in any cadet pilot program.

How much does it cost to become a cadet pilot?

The costs of becoming a pilot through cadet pilot program can vary depending on the program and the individual’s performance. usually, the cost of a cadet pilot program can range between 90 lakhs to 1.25 cr in India.

Is accommodation easily accessible for the duration of the course?

Ans: Yes, we provide hostel and PG’s to our students. Weather you may choose our accommodation or you may find out any other accommodation as well as per your preferences, as there are a lot of options available.

How many months does it take to clear cadet pilot exam?

Well, it’s completely depending on individual performance. An average student can clear cadet pilot entrance exam in 2 to 3 months.

Are the cadet pilot entrance exams tough?

Cadet Pilot exams are competitive so you will have to study well to clear the cadet pilot exams in first attempt. A good ground school can make a big difference. You do not have to worry about the toughness of these exams, Top Crew Aviation is here to make it easy for you.

Which are the best online classes for cadet pilot exams preparation?

Top Crew Aviation’s cadet pilot classes are the best classes in India to get selected in cadet pilot program.