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EGCA Support Services

eGCA stands for e-Governance for Civil Aviation. It is an e-governance platform launched by the Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in 2021. eGCA offers 298 aviation related services, including, DGCA Pilot licensing, DGCA Medical examination, Pilot registration, PMR number validation and so on.
eGCA is a single window platform that provides transparency, accountability, and make things easy for aviation.
Once you register on egca portal you will get an EGCA ID. An eGCA ID is a unique number or ID that student pilots receive after registering with eGCA. This ID is required to access services offered by the DGCA. All of a pilot's information is stored on this platform and is accessible to the DGCA. At Top Crew Aviation, you will get all kind of EGCA support servicers to make your aviation journey smooth and speedy.

What TCA Provide in EGCA Support Services

  • Pilot Registration
  • License and Medical Records Updation Process
  • Pilot to Apply for Renewal of Class 1 Medical Assessment
  • Class 1 Medical Assessment at IAF Boarding Centers
  • Medical Examination at IAF Boarding Centers
  • Medical NOC - No Objection Certificate
  • Process for Pilot to Apply for Issuance Medical for FATA
  • Process for Pilot to Apply for Renewal Medical for FATA
  • Process for Pilot to Apply for Issuance of Class 2 Medical Assessment
  • Process for Pilot to Apply for Renewal of Class 2 Medical Assessment
  • Process to apply for Amendment of Pilot Personal Details
  • Process to Update Address in eGCA
  • Process for Conduct of Medical Examination by DGCA Empaneled Examiner
  • Process for Filling eLogbook
  • Instructions for Filling eLogBook
  • Process for Filling Simulator Elogbook
  • Conversion of CPL with/without Extension of Aircraft Rating, IR
  • Acceptance of records for Issuance of Student Pilot Licence (SPL)
  • Acceptance of records for Renewal of Student Pilot Licence (SPL)
  • Issuance of Provisional Flight Radio Telephone Operators License (FRTOL-P)
  • Regeneration of Flight Radio Telephone Operators License - (FRTOL)
  • Issuance/Renewal of Flight Radio Telephone Operator Licence - Restricted (FRTOL-R)
  • Issuance of Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
  • Issuance of Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL-A)
  • Renewal of Instrument Rating on ATPL (Aeroplane)
  • Process for making e-Logbook entries through bulk upload
  • Process for Pilot License
  • Conversion of Aircraft Rating
  • Process of Issuance of Flight Instructor's Rating (FIR)
  • Process of Renewal of Flight Instructor's Rating (FIR)
  • Process of Renewal of Assistant Flight Instructor's Rating (AFIR)
  • Renewal of CFI
  • Approval of CFI
  • Process of issuance of Student Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) License
  • Processs of issuance of Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) License
  • Process of Endorsement of ELP Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) License

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Some aspiring pilots finds it difficult to find and get done their work through egca Process. That is why we want to make sure you can get done egca services without any difficulties or unnecessary waiting.


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Whether you are applying for medical or applying for your license, we have all the services available for EGCA Portal. Our services are created to meet your specific needs every step of becoming a pilot.


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When you visit us, you can expect nothing but the best. Our team of experts have great experience and advanced facilities at the academy to ensure your EGCA services should be done within a day without any difficulties.