Admission Open 2024-25


6 to 8 Months

Batch Start From

10 June 2024

Pre-Entry Requirement

  • To start your flying training in South Africa, you must be at least 17 years old.
  • A class 1 medical certificate is required before you can start your pilot training.
  • It is required that students have at least a high school diploma (10+2).
  • The language of aviation internationally is English, so a level 4 English proficiency is recommended before receiving a pilot license.
Course Overview

Flight Training in South Africa

Are you looking for pilot training in South Africa? We are reminded of the vibrant, colourful country of South Africa whenever we hear the name "Rainbow Nation." There is so much to do in this country, from the bustling city life to the mind-blowing wildlife safaris and the sun-soaked beach resorts.

Apart from its rich cultural heritage, South Africa’s ever-welcoming people make it a favourite destination for international students from around the globe. Imagine experiencing all these from an eagle’s perspective and completing your commercial pilot training in South Africa after reading the above description.

SACAA's Commercial Pilot License is well recognized and respected throughout the world since it is issued by one of the premier ICA contracting states and is one of the 36 countries that make up the ICAO governing council. As one of the premier ICAO contracting states, the conversion of the SACA-issued "radio-telephone license" into a DGCA one is hassle-free.

You can choose from over a hundred flight schools in South Africa that offer flying training programs. In order to determine which flight school is right for you, you must create a list of your preferred schools. In addition to varying procedures and enrollment requirements, each school also charges a different training fee based on your training duration.

Things you need to know for pilot training in South Africa:

In terms of aviation culture, South Africa is the gateway to Africa and is unquestionably one of the best places for pilot training.

Learning to fly is an expensive undertaking, and financing a pilot's education has never been cheaper. In addition to the high costs of aircraft and fuel, airport fees, theory and flight instruction, hangar facilities, and regulatory clearances, flight training is also very expensive.

With the emergence of new airlines and diversifying routes, the ever-growing aviation industry in South Africa has resulted in busier African skies. A well-developed air transport network in South Africa allows prospective pilots to come in and out of international airports along with regular commercial and charter flights.

With outstanding infrastructure and expert instructors, South Africa has plenty of state-of-the-art flight schools offering in-flight training.

The South African government is a premier ICAO (International Civil Aviation Authority) contracting state and a member of its governing council.

Indian students also choose South Africa for flying training because of its ideal flying weather, which offers sunny days with little wind and rain.



Pilot Training Cost in South Africa:

In South Africa, flying training varies in price, ranging moderately between $ 38,000 and $45,000, depending on the school and course.

It is important to note that becoming a pilot requires a certain amount of money. It depends on the country you train in, the flight school you choose, and other factors on how much your flight training will cost.

You can choose from over a hundred pilot schools in South Africa if you decide to do your flight training here. some of the most active flight schools in South Africa with brief background information, flying training being offered, fleet details, and information about what they can offer you.

However, if you decide to do your flight training abroad, you can choose from a number of popular countries. As a result of your training, your license will need to be converted to the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA)

In addition to enrolling in a flying training program, another option for becoming a pilot in South Africa in 2022 is to become a pilot in a private company. As soon as you pass your pilot training, you will be hired by the airlines that have set up the program.

Let us help you to give a good start in Aviation with our experts.

Advantages of pilot training in South Africa:

1. Diverse Environment:

South Africa offers different landscapes and weather conditions, providing students with varied flying experiences and challenges

2. Cost Effective Flight Training:

Compared to other countries, pilot training in South Africa is more affordable for Indian students, making it a great option for aspiring pilots.

3. High Quality Training Facilities:

South Africa is home to many reputable flight training schools and facilities equipped with modern aircraft and experienced instructors.

4. Favourable Weather Conditions:

The country enjoys generally favourable weather conditions throughout the year, allowing for regular flight training schedules and flight operations.

5. Globally Recognized Licenses:

South African pilot licenses are recognized and accepted by aviation authorities worldwide, providing students with global career options.

6. Cultural and Experiential Opportunities:

Flight Training in South Africa provides students with the chance to explore in a rich cultural experience while exploring the country's natural beauty and environment.



Types of Fleets available for flight training in South Africa:

1. Cessna 152:

The Cessna 152 is made in America. It is a trainee aircraft designed with 2 seats. It has a fixed tricycle gear, which makes it easy to handle on the ground. This plane is commonly used for flight training purposes and personal flying.

2. Cessna 172:

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is made by the Cessna Company. It is an American aircraft known for its four-seat capacity, single-engine design, and high-wing configuration.

3. Tecnam P2006:

The Tecnam P2006 is a single-engine aircraft with 2 seats and a high wing design. It's a made-in-Italy aircraft.

4. Tecnam P2008:

The Tecnam P2008 is a two-seat aircraft with a single engine and a high wing design. It's a made-in-Italy airplane.

5. Diamond DA 42:

The Diamond DA 42 is a four-seater trainee aircraft powered by two engines and driven by propellers. It's made in Austria but owned by a Chinese company.

What Top Crew provides in Flight Training in South Africa

DGCA approved CPL Training with Multi-Engine Endorsement and Instrument Rating CPL (IR/ME)




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Frequently Asked Questions About Flight Training in South Africa

What is the cost of Commercial Pilot Flying Training in South Africa?

Commercial flying Training costs vary by a flight school in South Africa. The Commercial Pilot License (CPL) cannot be obtained until you have a Student Pilot Licence (SPL). The cost of getting these licenses would need to be considered in addition to the amount you would need to get a CPL if you are a fresh high school pass out. Usually, the total cost of these licenses is between Rs. 33 to Rs. 35 Lakhs.

What is the duration of flying training in South Africa?

The duration of commercial flying training may vary depending on a flight school in South Africa. Usually, it takes between 8 to 10 months to complete your flight training.

Which is the cheapest flying training school in South Africa?

Top Crew Aviation provides the best and chippiest flight programs in South Africa.

Is South Africa good for pilot training?

For Indians, it's a better idea to do your training from South Africa. It'll be cheaper and worth it. Your flying will be quickly completed and you will get foreign exposure as well.

What are the additional costs for flying training in South Africa?

You should consider all the hidden cost of flying training in South Africa. You may have to bear the cost of living including accommodation, flight tickets, foods and transportation.

How to select a flight school in South Africa?

When selecting a flight school in South Africa, it is very important to consider a few factors such as flight school facilities, quality of training, the instructors experience, the cost of the program, number of students, aircraft conditions, duration of the training, and the safety record of the school.

What type of aircraft are used for pilot training in South Africa?

The type of aircraft used for pilot training in South Africa can vary depending on the flight school and the type of training program you choose. The most commonly used aircrafts for flight training in South Africa is Cessna, demand, piper etc.