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Pilot Foundation Course

Becoming a pilot in India after finishing 10th class is an exciting journey. To kickstart this journey, you need to have done your class II medical. Being in good physical health with 6/6 eyesight is also important.
Once you meet these requirements, you can start your pilot training. This training has two parts: ground school and flight school. In ground school, you'll learn all about aviation theory subjects, including air navigation, air regulations, aviation meteorology and technical. Flight school is where you'll learn hands-on flying skills, like taking off and landing.
You should start with the CPL foundation course where you will get all the basic knowledge about DGCA CPL exams. But you can appear in DGCA exams after 12th only. After 10th you should choose physics and maths in 11th, because to become a pilot you need to have these subjects in 12th.
The cost of pilot foundation training after 10th varies depending on the ground schools. It is just a basic course for aspiring pilots, it can be between Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 150,000.

  • “Teach your child the love of aviation”
  • After completing your 12th, you'll need to pass DGCA exams get your pilot's license. This foundation course will help you to clear your DGCA exams just after 12th.
  • After clearing your DGCA exams and completing 200 hours of flying training you will get a CPL from DGCA.
  • In short, becoming a pilot after 10th grade in India is a great career choice. While it has its requirements and costs, with the right effort and training, you can fly high in no time.

Requirement for Pilot Foundation Course:

Completed 10th Class Valid Class II Medical Assessment.

Duration for Pilot Foundation Course:

For 11th students: 24 Months For 12th students: 12 Months